• More than 400 million people use Pinterest. 
  • Pinterest shoppers outspend people on other platforms by 40% every month. 
  • 3.8x more sales than any other platform.
  • 87% of users have purchased a product or service because of Pinterest.
  • 1 out of 2 pinner’s purchase from ads. 
  • Content lives longer.

With this in mind, why is Pinterest still under utilised by many small businesses?  

Time and time again we see many brands killing it on Instagram but their presence across other platforms is slow and sometimes weak. 

We of course understand that time, budget and resources can be the biggest factor for this happening.  But any successful social media strategy needs to look beyond the whelms of just Instagram. You are leaving many opportunities to connect with your dream community and leaving money on the table.

With Pinterest recently announcing new shopping products for 2022, their e-commerce focus just reached a whole new level. Making it one of the hottest platforms to be on right now.  

So if you are looking to up your Pinterest game instantly, here are our 5 things you need to do now. 

  • Connect your catalogue. Pinterest is where people find their favourite products—and actually have fun doing it. Inspired shoppers are happier shoppers. Happy shoppers spend and buy more. And they’re more loyal, too. Turn your entire product catalogue into product Pins, all at once. Once you upload a catalogue, you’ll get a Shop tab on your profile, making it easier for shoppers to find your products. If you are using Shopify this is easily done through the shopify/pinterest app. Your entire catalogue will become browsable on Pinterest in just a few clicks.
  • Join the Verified merchant programme. The Verified Merchant programme helps shoppers to discover and buy from vetted brands and it is incredibly easy! Not like the process you need to go through for Instagram and Facebook!  By joining you instantly add value to your page as it adds an organic shop tab and will make your pins rank higher in search results.  You can catch shoppers’ attention as they decide what to buy.  Pinterest also launched merchant details in late 2021, giving merchants a new way to share and show their values directly on their Pinterest profile. Choose from values like ‘responsibly sourced’ and ‘inclusive’ or list communities that you belong to, such as ‘LGBTQ+ owned, women owned and more. Merchant details help you to stand out because of what you stand for. They appeal to shoppers looking to connect with brands that share their perspective. And that connection pays off. Brands with merchant details on their profile are 16% more likely to make a sale. You also get access to new Conversion Insights tool, which lets you measure the total sales impact of paid and organic Pins.
  • Use idea pins.  Idea Pins hook people in with immersive, multi-page stories. They’re inspiring, engaging and drive meaningful business results. In fact, people who interact with Idea Pins have a higher conversion rate than other people on Pinterest.  If you are strong on your Instagram game you of course will be familiar with the concept through Instagram stories.  Check out what other creators and brands are creating to give you inspiration, but we are huge fans of repurposing content at Style up social (that has a purpose and meaning of course) so start by testing out some of your high performing Instagram stories.
  • Remember your creative is everything.  On Pinterest it is all about the creative so work on your visuals.  The best Pins are visually compelling, tell a good story and make people want to learn more.  This is a great opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality! Our top tips are; 1. Use vertical images, make your brand/product the focal point, 2. Add your brand logo, 3. Use text overlay, 4. Optimise your pin copy and 5. Make sure your link is active and loads quickly.  But most of all, create Pins to share your ideas, give tutorials or sell your products, this is all about showing the possibilities! 
  • Tap into Pinterest trends, predictions and moments.  Pinterest for the past 2 years have predicted 8 out of 10 trends to come true. These again are huge opportunities for your brand to tap into.  Spend some time exploring emerging trends to anticipate what your audience will want next so you can be at the forefront of it all.  Their predictions are described by Pinterest themselves as a window into the future, from the place where people go to plan it.” We have also seen great results from tapping into moments on Pinterest. Being ahead of the game is key for Pinterest, Pinner’s are planners so they need to be inspired much earlier than on other platforms.  So creating content for Christmas, spring trends, Black Friday campaigns and New Year sales months before has paid off.  


Your business belongs on Pinterest and without it you are missing huge opportunities. This is where you’ll thrive, no matter your business size. Pinterest is where you can find your audience and inspire their next purchase, AND before your competitors do. Whether you’re looking to sell products, grow your audience or drive traffic to your site, you’ll find solutions on Pinterest that will help your brand to grow. 

Get in touch with Style up Social to discuss your Pinterest Strategy. 

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