Whether you are denying the fact that Christmas is just round the corner or you are happy to embrace the festitivies, getting ready for it now for your fashion business will gaurantee success. 

Right now there are huge surges across the social media landscape in conusmers looking for Christmas content to help them plan a Christmas like no other. 

We first saw this on Pinterest, where Christmas searches started back in April instead of September.  They saw an increase of 147% compared to last year. Over 50% of global pinner’s have said they are looking for brands help this year more than ever.  Given how strange 2020 has been so far, there is no surprise that we want to take this Christmas to the next level and be super Christmas-y! 

Style Up Social Academy has worked with many retail brands and know first hand that tactical preparation is key.  Planning Christmas in the retail space happens in July at the lastest.  This type of planning sees the biggest results and overall less stress and anxiety.  

One of the first places you can start is your content planning.  Because of the reasons mentioned above, but more importantly so you know that your content is set up and scheduled so you can focus on the other important aspects of the busiest time of year.  Engaging, selling and customer service. 

We wanted to share some of our top tips for planning content so you get ahead now for a winning Christmas 2020.  

Get ahead of the trends. 

Like we said Pinterest users are already beginning to pin Christmas ideas.  From Christmas party outfits, Christmas gifts and Christmas shopping quotes there are plenty of trends taking shape that you can, and should be making yourself aware of so you can get on board now to attract these people.  

These trends are starting to sweep across other social media platforms so be an early adaptor and meet your audience where they are.  This year people are looking to be transported to a time pre-2020 saga, plus taking gifts, outfits and decorations to the next level.

Get ahead of the trends and think about how your content can chime in with these themes?

List content ideas. 

Looking at trends and your own thoughts, list any ideas you may have now for new content.  Think about your content pillars and what is important to your brand and make a list of the all the content ideas you would like to create.  

Break it down by month – from September to January and give yourself a content roadmap.  You don’t need the finer detail just yet, just a top line view of the type of content formats, types and ideas by each month. 

Look back on past Christmas campaigns.

Look at content, campaigns and what you have done over the last few years to assess what has worked and what you can maybe repurpose to create high engagement this year.  What resonated with your audience? What created the most conversions? Sometimes you don’t have to re-invent the wheel and it’s about giving existing content a little refresh. 

Create your content calendar.

Now you have your ideas and content roadmap based on the trends and past campaigns, it’s time to start your content calendar.  If you haven’t invested in a scheduler yet, now is the time.  Getting through this time, posting on the go is setting yourself up for a massive fail, or at best, you’ll miss many opportunities for sales as your focus is more on posting then those key strategies for growing sales. 

Write down your Christmas content strategy – How many posts? What platforms? How many stories? What formats? Then you can start to plot in your content into your chosen scheduler.

These are top line strategies.  If you feel you need any further advice and guidance then get in touch or book a FREE 20 minute call so we can identify your business needs and how we can help you! 

As always, if you have any questions please leave them below. 

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Verity and Kate x