We’ve said it before, and we’re sure to say it again, but Santa and his reindeer are right around the corner. That’s right guys, it’s time to kick your prep for Christmas 2020 well and truly into high-gear and lay down the groundwork for your merriest holiday yet. 

In a year that’s been anything but normal, and saw our usual strategies fly out the window, we’re taking comfort in remembering we’re all in this together. As businesses adapted and changed the landscape of the digital world, they paved the way for a culture in which posting on-the-fly content became the only way to stay secure, relevant and timely on Socials. 

As the seasons shift, and we start gearing up for the busiest period of the year, it’s time to seriously switch things up once again. 

Christmas plans have traditionally been locked in months and months in advance, but as 2020 threw pretty much everything in the air, what does Christmas planning look like now? And what should it include?

While we’re still adapting to this new Social Media landscape and things remain uncertain, it means we’ll need a new, think-on-your-feet approach to our Christmas content too. But here at Style Up Social Academy, we know that dashing ahead without any element of a plan in place is just not going to cut it. So, our top tip before we dig into the finer details is to ‘plan ahead and prepare to pivot.’

Heading into the final business quarter of the year, we know we don’t need to remind you how important this one is. Not only is it the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also the most crucial to your success – you’ll have to intensely implement your sales strategies to ensure you finish strong. It holds the power to truly make or break your brand. 

This means starting your content plan early is the safest and most effective way to ensure you stay on track, keep organised and save yourself a ton of time over the world’s most hectic quarter. Just don’t forget to map out space for some speedy adaptability within these detailed plans too.

Here are our 6 top tips for creating a stellar Social Media Christmas strategy in 2020: 


  • Stay true to your brand. One thing we’ve learnt about Social Media marketing in 2020 is the importance of staying true to your brand and speaking from the heart. Never have the words ‘authenticity’ and ‘transparency’ been so important to stick by.  Consumers are actively seeking out brands for this, and they interact with honesty more than ever. We see Christmas as a great opportunity to speak about your brand story, your values and your brand mission to connect with your customers.  
  • Avoid feeling salesy.  Christmas is generally the time of year we expect to see big marketing messages from brands and see those big promotions and offers coming through. This year, we need to avoid feeling salesy and pushy. Yes, we still need to sell, but it needs to be sales based around emotive connections. Focus on positivity and your own community’s feelings to bring in the ROI from Social Media. 
  • Use all your marketing channels.  This is something we feel passionate about all year round, but Christmas is the perfect opportunity to meet your customers across different social media platforms for all their different needs.  We really don’t like to see brands focusing all their efforts on one platform at the best of times.  This is about considering the purpose of each of your channels really strategically and learning how they can help you maximise your Christmas marketing.  Consumers go to different channels for different purposes and it’s critical your strategy takes consumer behavior into account, especially during the holiday season. Pinners head to Pinterest to plan purchases and users head to Instagram for inspiration and discovery. Being able to meet your audience at each point of the buyer journey on their channel of choice means you’ll curate your holiday strategy with each unique channel and audience in mind. 
  • Remind your audience of the face behind the brand.  Engaging with your audience in real time is invaluable. IG live, DM’s and comment sections have never been hotter as tools to connect with your audience and deepen relationships.  Make sure your strategy includes ways in which you are staying connected and making room for your audience to really get to know you. 
  • Leave room for last-minute changes. As we’ve mentioned already, 2020 has meant many of us have mastered the art of pivoting strategies and shifting content calendars to stay timely and meet our consumers changing needs. This Christmas, as we still sit in uncertain times, it remains crucial that brands prepare to incorporate new messaging to stay relevant and thoughtful.
  • Celebrate holidays across different cultures and religions. As our Social Media communities have become more global than ever, it’s important to plan your content calendar around holidays and other important days for your diverse community. Tap into your team and your community at large to recognise the true values and meanings behind each of these celebrations.

So, how do you implement your new holiday plans like a Social Media boss? You follow all our expert advice, you get your thoughts down on paper and you take action on each of these steps ASAP. After all, Christmas is truly what you make of it, sales and all!

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As always, leave your question in the comments below or if you’d like some further guidance then do book in for a FREE 20-minute Clarity Call with us soon. We can’t wait to hear all about your holiday strategy wins too!

Verity and Kate x