Whether you are building your content strategy for the first time or feel you need to revisit and revamp your current one, there are certain steps you can take to ensure it’s innovative and going to get you the results you desire! 

Before I delve into the elements of what you should be putting into your content strategy, lets first look at what one is…

I recently wrote about this over on my Instagram feed. If you google ‘content strategy’ you will find lots of definitions and different versions.

For me, a content strategy is:

A detailed document of your key business and customer needs. A tailored plan for how you will use content to address these to deliver results.

I still find that many fashion brands don’t have this information documented, but your content goals and mission are critical for success so these days it’s simply not enough to just have it swimming around in your head. Document it, internalise it and refer to it often! Without this, you will get to a point where you either find your content isn’t being engaged with, or you start to struggle with content ideas. Or both.

So, lets have a look at the 5 things you need to consider when building your fashion content strategy.

  1. Who are you creating it for? Who is your target audience for this content? How many audiences are you creating content? I often find that fashion businesses have about 2-3 audience personas. I wouldn’t recommend anymore than this as your content needs to cater to these people. You may find this blog helpful, ‘6 essential parts of a fashion user persona you should use’ if you haven’t created your audience yet. Do this first…. Once you know your audience you can use a variety of content types and channels to deliver different content to each of your audience.

  2. What problem is it going to solve for that audience? Your product needs to solve a problem/issue that you know your audience has. If you are a fashion blogging are you helping your readers find solutions, giving them style advice or are you their go to person they trust for brand recommendations, trends… For fashion brands, your content has to be a lot more than just show casing your products. Again, what styling, fashion pain points does your audience have and how can your content solve it. Are you providing them with a big picture of your brand, are you creating a lifestyle you want your audience to have, are you showing them behind the scenes inspirational content? Think about all the different elements that might ease some of their frustrations.

  3. What makes you unique? It’s likely that you have competitors producing products similar to yours. So this is where you need to ensure your content is letting your audience know how you are better, or at least different! Your content is key because to prove you are worth buying from you need to first prove you are worth listening to.

  4. What content formats to focus on? Based on what your audience likes, what problems they need answering, you will already have topic ideas, so how do they consume content? There is no point creating weekly blog posts if your audience would rather watch a video for a minute of you explaining how to style your products. At the same time, you also need to consider which formats will best express the topic ideas you have.

  5. The channels it will be published on? Through your owned site, website and blog, social media platforms and which ones, emails, newsletters? Just as your content comes in different formats, the channels you publish them on can be different to.

By having a documented content strategy it will help your business prepare and plan for effective, reliable and engaging content that your audience is consuming, sharing and leading to generating sales!

It takes time and creativity to build it, and remember these are points to consider, not necessarily the step by step process of creating a solid strategy. But if you are reading this and you are thinking you haven’t got these points mapped out yet then you are heading in the right direction for better managing your content.

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Love Verity x