Introducing Style Up Social Academy’s Social Media Fashion Academy. 

An intimate eight week in-depth training and coaching programme starting on 28th September to teach you how to grow profitable social media accounts for your fashion business.  

We will work closely with a small group of fashion business owners through both 1-2-1 sessions, live workshops and self paced training resources to take your current social media efforts and take them to the next level.  


  • Know how to create content confidently and consistently that people like, comment on, share and save the very SECOND you post?
  • Reach business and social media potential across all your social media platforms and not just utilise one platform to bring in the customers and sales? 
  • Cultivate a community of spicy hot leads, excited customers, and brand evangelists who share your mission on your behalf?
  • Wake up to new followers, without spending a penny to acquire them?
  • Get completely booked up for your styling services and sell out of your products, all the while generating crazy hype about yourself and your brand, simply by posting on social media?
  • Learn about how you can sell more through social media, utilising key channels for fashion businesses without it taking it up more time?

Through this unique elevated support experience, you will learn social media strategies that build dream audience connections and communities through compelling content to drive sales.  

All backed by a community of like-minded fashion brand owners, stylists and creatives.

Join the 2021 waiting list 

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So why does ‘nailing social media’ seem so unachievable?

You go from feeling motivated and organised with your Social Media Marketing.  You had a plan, determined to stick to it but you never do. 

You wake up in the morning and grab your phone.  Anxiety is already kicking in that you don’t have a post lined up for Instagram.  You know you only have a certain amount of time to get the post published before your ‘best time to post’ is over. 

Finally after choosing an image you scramble together some words that you desperately want to add value to your audience but you’ve questioned your words so much you are close to erasing the whole thing.  Not knowing if it’s too long, too short, not valuable enough… then you go to your notes and copy and paste a set of hashtags you always use and paste them in. You quickly swipe the button to post onto your Facebook page at the same time and hit publish. 

Throughout the day you lose track of how many times you pick up your phone to check how many likes or comments your post has received. 

You respond to comments quickly and at some time you share your post on stories.  You end up spending hours aimlessly scrolling through your feed, noticing how others are generating so much more engagement and creating such amazing and engaging stories that you end up feeling frustrated that you just don’t have the time to do the same.  

The end of the day comes and you still haven’t set up a post for the following day but you feel you’ve spent all day on Instagram and you don’t have the energy.  So you put your phone down for the night.  Meanwhile Facebook and your Pinterest platforms haven’t even been looked at… 

The next morning you wake up and grab your phone.  You lost a few followers overnight, you already feel a little deflated and the cycle continues… 

Sound familiar? 

The fact is, if you run a fashion business, you simply need a bulletproof Social Media marketing strategy if you want to make sales.

You’ve probably figured out by now that just dabbling in Social Media isn’t going to cut it.  

From building brand awareness, increasing brand loyalty and driving traffic to your website for more sales.

Social Media plays a vital part to achieving your goals no matter what stage you are at with your fashion business 

If Social Media is taking up too much time, leaving you feeling frustrated with no real ROI, it’s time to stop swinging between moods and gain your control back. 

Finally the answer you have been waiting for… 

We are calling all fashion business owners who want to get super intentional with Social Media to make sales. Who want to maximise all Social Media platforms while gaining time back!

Who want to finally use Social Media to drive engagement and sales without the frustration and overwhelm. And who want to show up and serve people so well that they keep coming back for more. 

We are big believers that Social Media is not a popularity contest. It’s an invitation into your fashion world. There are no secrets and ‘growth hacks’ don’t work. However, we do know that what does work is with the right framework you can achieve your own specific business objectives. 

In this Academy we are giving you exclusive access to our proven Social Media for Fashion Framework (previously reserved only for our premium agency clients).

The very same framework responsible for our clients’ Social Media successes and big results.

By creating key strategies around compelling content, community management, multi level paid social and collaborations with brands and Influencers, we guarantee you’ll be saying hello to more customers and more sales! 


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Hi we are Verity and Kate the women behind Style Up Social Academy and we are the go-to Social Media experts for Fashion businesses and brands. 

We are award winning training professionals.  Social Media, Fashion and Training are what we do best. 

We know that Social Media overwhelm and confusion is a real thing and we are on a mission to end it.

We are incredibly passionate about helping Fashion Businesses, like yours create purposeful, engaging and compelling content that really speaks to their audiences.

But more than anything, we want to empower you through the complex world of Social Media to get the results you deserve. 

You know, like the raving, loyal fans, giving you a consistent stream of sales and cash in the bank!

We know that with a clear strategy and action plan in place you can use Social Media as little as 15 minutes a day and still achieve key results. Leaving you the time to continue running your fashion business. 


The only academy designed specifically for Fashion Business owners ready to harness the power of social media to gain followers, convert sales and build valuable online communities.

We pride ourselves on knowing the latest Social Media trends and updates and only use techniques and strategies that are relevant to the fashion industry. This way you know that what we share with you is going to have an impact. 

From more reach, bigger growth rates, brand collaborations, higher engagement rates and a community of fans that buy from you!

We want to share our specialist knowledge and the strategies that have created big wins for our clients with you in our brand new Social Media Fashion Academy.  

It’s the answer to leveraging each platform, gaining clarity and creating success. 

bring all this know how to your social media

What’s inside the academy

Week 1 

Building your Social Media Strategy 

Firstly we are diving into the fundamentals.  If you are constantly scratching your head over what to do and when, what to post and how to make it truly engaging for your audience and questioning what to say then this week will put a stop to this.

We will be looking at those all important goals, actions and key activities – getting them into one place so you stay on track with those daily actions and content plans. 

From building brand awareness, growing engagement and driving website traffic we will show you the key activities on Social Media to achieve each one of these goals. 

Looking at what the ingredients are for a winning content plan and how you can create content ideas quickly and efficiently for your fashion business. 

Week 2

Selling with Instagram for your Fashion Business 

Instagram is naturally a strong place for fashion businesses to market their product and services with its strong visual aspects.

With it being the biggest social media platform it’s understandably the place many businesses focus their time. However, it also seems to be the most complex platform to master.

From it’s ever changing algorithms, updates and features it’s hard to keep up right? This week we look at everything from creating content that converts, building your engaged fashion business community, Instagram story techniques that drive deeper connections to best practices for selling through Instagram. You’ll get your hands on our best-kept secrets that will help you beat the algorithm and craft captions that carry your voice to EVERYONE that’s supposed to hear it!

Week 3 

Selling with Facebook for your Fashion Business

Facebook is such a key platform for fashion businesses and driving website traffic but is often a second thought following Instagram.

More often than not we see brands cross promoting the same content and that technique actually has more detrimental effects than good. 

This week we look at optimising your facebook page for a sleek customer experience, the best content types and formats to use for this platform, how you can repurpose content effectively and how you incorporate this into your marketing plan without it taking it hours of crafting more content. How to actually convert your followers into true (i.e. paying) clients.

Week 4 

Driving website traffic with Pinterest

Fashion and Pinterest go hand in hand and it’s time to make it work for your fashion business.  You have Pinner’s ready and waiting to discover a new brand, product or styling service everyday just like yours! 

We have created Pinterest strategies for many of our clients and it’s now their number 1 traffic driving social media platform.  

This week is focuses on where and how Pinterest plays a role in your overall marketing strategy.  With a little Pinterest TLC you can get your fashion business in front of a whole new and bigger audience.  Pinterest should be part of your wider Fashion marketing plan to drive incredible traffic to your website.  As a platform that drives 3.8 x more sales than any other platform we will show the strategies that make Pinterest work hard for you and how you can devise a content plan quickly and effectively to drive a ton of traffic. 

Week 5

Developing a Paid Social Game plan

This week we take a deep dive into the wonderful world of paid social. A paid social strategy is much more than numbers and reach. It’s about targeting your audiences at different stages of their journey with your brand. It’s about capturing them on their social media journey and targeting them to convert into those meaningful conversions. We will take away the overwhelm that Ads manager may give you, show you how to create inspiring ad campaigns. From branded scroll stopping creatives, clever copy and teach the basics of marketing funnels.

After this week you will feel confident to run a paid social campaign across Facebook and Instagram to really drive a return on investment for your fashion business.

Week 6

Mastering Influencer partnerships 

Working with the right influencers at the right time can have incredible power for your brand for brand awareness and sales.   We will focus on how to research, engage and build dream partnerships that will help you reach and target bigger audiences.

We also have a live Q&A from a successful influencer and stylist who will be sharing the secrets to her success, how she has secured brand partnerships and top tips for how to work with influencers.  

Week 7

Group Q&A and collective

For our final week, we have the powerful group Q&A and get together as a collective.  This is where we all get together for a two hour Zoom meeting.

The aim of this session is to allow all of you on the programme to connect and to get feedback, ask questions and finalise your social media marketing and content plans. 

Week 8 

1-2-1 follow up 

Your last 1-2-1 with Verity and Kate to see how you will stay on track and create some further bespoke strategies for your Fashion business.  

Remember this is the only course available that shows you how to create a clear, actionable way to level up your Social Media game specifically for Fashion businesses! We will show you how, without the obsessive and anxiety of ‘am i doing this right.’

It’s time you made Social Media work hard for you! We are handing over our step by step Social Media framework for Fashion businesses designed to empower fashion brands and stylists to understand the real power of all Social Media platforms.  And how you can make the most from your time and budget. 

The moment you join, you get access to our private learning hub and private community.  As you start putting your learnings to use, you can hop in there, dish out the questions and get the support and inspiration you need to take all you learn to the next level.

Plus we will be sharing updates and some special surprises along the way!


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We have seen far too many fashion businesses invest in generic training to try and learn the skills of social media marketing that doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head. Leaving them with more questions than answers. That’s why we have created the Social Media Fashion Academy.  This isn’t another generic training programme, this is created by training and fashion Social Media experts. Designed to equip you with the specific knowledge, skills and tools you need to make an immediate and hugely beneficial impact upon your fashion business.

The social media fashion academy arms you with a no-fluff, to the point how to strategy so you can show off what matters most—you, your brand, and your message, all while converting followers into paying customers.

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