We have over a decade of training experience within the fashion industry.

We are award winning training professionals. We have a wealth of Social Media knowledge.

Social Media, Fashion and Training is what we do best. We are incredibly passionate about social media best practices and helping others get the most out of their efforts.

We like to do that in creative and innovative ways while ensuring you gain clarity and learn the most effective strategies for your fashion business needs.

From our online and in person training courses, our monthly 1:1 sessions to our in house training bespoke events, we gaurantee to equip you with the specific knowledge, skills and tools you need to make an immediate and hugely beneficial impact upon your fashion business.

When it comes to Social Media training, there’s an awful lot of theory and noise out there.


We have seen far too many businesses invest in generic training to try and learn the skills of digital marketing that doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head. That’s why we devise digital and social media training sessions that are designed to equip you with the specific knowledge, skills and tools you need to make an immediate and hugely beneficial impact upon your fashion business.

Our training services give you and or your team the confidence to execute your Social Media strategy and create and share great content that resonates with your audience. Whether you’re completely new to social media or are looking to broaden your knowledge and skills base, social media training is a great place to start.


We know the updates, we know how the algorithm works, we know the latest trends and features. 



We know what people are looking for in a fashion brand online.  We can see what’s not working and we can identify the opportunities quicker than the untrained eye and it’s our job to advise you on exactly the right steps to move forward.

By choosing our training services:

You draw on our  30 years experience in designing and delivering training programmes

You draw on our expertise and knowledge in the key social media platforms used to drive growth for fashion business online
We create training programmes to suit your needs based on your business, your goals and your existing expertise
You gain the expertise to make social media work for you. You save time and you get the resources to actually start generating valuable sales and leads!


Kate trained me on different projects during my time at Topshop. She adapted to my learning style and always made it easy for me to pick up everything even in a group of people. Kate also worked one on one me with to enable me to train others. She gave me key skills that I have been able to transfer to other roles outside of Topshop. She is totally awesome and confident and brings great positivity. Kate always made me feel I was ready to take on the world!

Bailea Judge

Womenswear Manager, Urban Outfitters

Kate has an infectious personality making working with Kate an absolute joy.
She is a driven individual who works hard to achieve the end goal with an admirable work ethic.
Kates training style is relaxed and engaging, with her personality shining through.
As a fashionista Kate’s style is as admirable as her unique ability to bring the fun, yet remain professional at all times.

Camilla Adgar

People Development Manager, New Look

I have known Kate for many years and throughout this time Kate has always gone above and beyond my expectations.
Kate is a true professional who builds trust and meaningful relationships. She is driven to succeed and does not shy away from hard work.

Jules Lindley

Talent Development Manager, Arcadia Group

Our Social Media training with Style up Social Academy provided us with such laser focus on our social media strategy. The detailed questions we had prepared were answered so well that it gave us a clear vision for our digital marketing. It suddenly felt like a cloud had lifted at the end of the meeting and we were ready to take action. This three-hour training is exactly what we needed to give us a boost during a lull period for us
Nika Diamond-Krendal

Founder, Paradise Row

All our workshops and training sessions are designed to suit the skill level of you and your fashion business, the objectives of your brands and what results you want to achieve. We’ll take into consideration what your business is already doing in terms of marketing and make sure everything you do on social media fits in.

Verity’s talent and skill was fundamental in the redesign of Digital Mum’s complex Social Media lessons. Sessions have become visual and interactive modules that people can fit around working family life. Our students love them! You need to hire her. Today. She is a highly talented instructional designer and a consummate professional. She is also one of those people that, providing you brief her well, will go away and deliver exactly what you want, when you want it. In fact she generally makes us wish we had the budget to hire her full time and I am always mentally holding one of her legs while crying as she walks out the door.

Kathryn Tyler

Co-Founder, Digital Mums

Working together we will develop a framework for your training that builds an intentional and strategic approach to using Social Media. We are believers in giving you real life examples and hands on experience so you can walk away with actionable insights and tasks that are aligned to your business objectives. 

Kate was fundamental to the roll-out of the new ‘People Point’ system in-store and beyond. She created a slick learning environment, from digital learning, 121 training, workshops and hands-on store installation with key team members and management team.
Kate’s training was adaptable to all levels of learning abilities within our team.

Claire Horton

Operations Manager, Topshop


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