Want to learn how to set meaningful Social Media Goals for your Fashion Business to achieve your marketing objectives? 

How is your 2020 looking when it comes to your Social Media for business?

Or..more importantly, how do you want it to look?

With our busy hectic lives, sitting down and taking the time to plan how we want things to look or feel is really difficult. But setting aside time for yourself and your fashion business is crucial to achieving the goals that you want in order for your business or brand to grow and flourish.

Going into 2020 without setting social media goals and objectives is like walking out in the rain without an umbrella or into a shop without your purse! You’re setting yourself up for a fall.

Your Social Media goals should align seamlessly with your overall business goals for 2020. For example, if you want your business to expand and grow in 2020 you naturally want to have a social media marketing goal of increasing brand awareness. It’s tricky but important to ensure you lay out your Social Media goals and the key metrics that will help you drive towards achieving them!


Social media and digital marketing are fundamental to any business in this fast-paced digital era.

It’s got to be done and done really well. You all know that.

I have worked with various Fashion Businesses who have been frustrated with their Social Media Marketing efforts. The main reason is that they haven’t defined the key goals and objectives. And without them, you quickly feel you are not building successful platforms.

Social Media goals go much further than just saying how many likes you want to achieve or how many followers you want to gain. And more importantly, there are goals you need to achieve before you can start to say your online marketing goals is to make sales! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

Your business won’t make the money you want it to through social media overnight without strategic social media goals in place.

It can be overwhelming even thinking about this. But to break it down here are the main strategic, social media goals you should be looking at or selecting from:

  1. Increase brand awareness and engagement
  2. Drive website traffic
  3. Grow Sales –  either organically or through Ads
  4. Create new leads
  5. Build an engaged community
  6. Improve customer service
  7. Increase visibility through influencer work



S – Specific –
Pinpoint exactly what it is you want to achieve and on what platform.

M – Measurable –
How will you measure the success of the goal?

A – Achievable –

Can you really do what you want, or do you need to break it down to short, medium and long term stages?

R -Realistic –
Are you really going to grow your followers from 1k to 20 k in a month? Make them relevant to your brand size.

T – Timely –
Set review points either by yourself or with your team, mentor or colleague to review progress.


Maybe it doesn’t quite ignite your passion like content creation but tracking your insights and analytics on Social Media is paramount.

If you or your team are using a scheduling tool then they all come with some pretty impressive insights, especially the paid versions. However if not, all of the platforms have their own analytics which will give you the figures you need to track.

Linking it back to our Social Media Goals here are some examples of the numbers you need to be tracking to measure each goal…..

  1. Increase brand awareness and engagement –

Follower growth or page likes.

Reach and impressions.

Comments. Mentions, shares, and RTs – How many people are talking about your brand or sharing your social media?

  1. Drive website traffic

Website clicks from Social Media – what platforms they came from and what is the % of the social visitors vs others?

The bounce rate of social media traffic – What is the quality of the traffic from social media?

  1. Grow Sales – either organically or through Ads –

How many sign-ups or how much revenue are your social channels bringing in?

Ads – How much revenue is your social media advertising bringing in?

  1. Create new leads-

Email list growth. How many came from Social media? What’s the conversion?

  1. Build an engaged community –

How many people have joined your group, and how engaged are they?

  1. Improve customer service-

Service results and response times. Tracking the query rate, do you have enough resource?

  1. Increase visibility through influencer work –

@mentions from an influencer, and how many people do they have following them. Any PR campaigns through Social? How did they perform?

For example:

If you are a local Fashion retailer, your goal could be to increase brand awareness within a 5-mile radius of your store in 3 months. Increase your fan count by 15%. Increase link clicks on posts by 15% and have an average post reach of 1000 people per post.

Now you have your goals and metrics you can then map out the key activities you will do on Social Media that leads towards this and meets the needs of your audience.

So, have a good think. Take an afternoon off pre-Christmas. We dare you! Set your goals and make them SMART. Make 2020 your year that your Social Media really makes the difference. Make it your investment piece of 2020!

Please use this one page document to track your Social Media goals- writing it down makes it happen! 

Going for the Social Media goals

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