You may have realised by now that I am incredibly passionate using Pinterest for growing fashion businesses. It is honestly one of the biggest game changers when it comes to driving free traffic to your website and Instagram accounts.  With a great Pinterest Strategy you can drive authentic and organic traffic directly to you site!

Did you know that a pin is 100 times more spreadable than a tweet and the average life span of a pin is 105 days! That means your content isn’t passing by people and gone after 24 hours like social media platforms you maybe using.

Pinterest is a place to make your content go viral and it could even be content that you created a year ago that is still generating traffic to your website. It boosts website traffic drastically but also drives people back to your social media accounts!

So, I am not here to talk too much about why Pinterest is so good, because one you may know that already, but just don’t know how to make it happen and secondly, if you are still questioning if you should be using Pinterest then check out this blog I wrote ‘3 reasons fashion brands should be using Pinterest.

What I will share however, is some of the best practices you can employ to help you drive this traffic to your website and Instagram.

Before I go into my Pinterest top tips, you need to make sure you have a Pinterest business account and verify your website AND Instagram first. This will ensure that Pinterest will recognise your site and the posts that you pin. By connecting your Instagram account you will be able to get attribution and analytics for your content and get stats on each pin.

  1. Create Pinterest boards– create fun boards that easily separates out your content by placing pins into their categories. This makes it easier for your followers to view the type of content that they are looking for. You can also create boards around the particular lifestyle and community you want your customers/audience to have. But the most important thing is make them searchable by making sure they have specific titles and contain relevant keywords.

  2. Pin your content– Make sure that you have a designated board purely for your own content so you can pin directly to it. Pin your recent posts from Insta, your blogs, your resources and all your products as soon as they go live!

  3. Be active on the platform– Okay, so Pinterest is not a social platform. I am not talking about engagement here, especially as you would do on Insta or facebook. I am talking about re-pinning and sharing content often, so that you are being seen as having frequent activity across your boards. This will also keep you relevant and current within the platform.

  4. Up your SEO game– i have already said this, Pinterest is not social media. its a search engine so your SEO game needs to be on point.

  5. Focus on your pin description– Make sure the description and text on your pin explains the content you are sharing and gets the message across you want your readers to take away. Writing the perfect pin description can take time to understand. Knowing what makes a great one is about knowing your key words! You can also now add hashtags in your descriptions which will appear in real time.

  6. Pin during peak times– A good Pinterest strategy will set up you so you only need to be using Pinterest about an 1-2 hours a months but still seeing the results. That’s where a good scheduler comes in such as tailwind, as they will pin for you at the right and specific times your engagement will be highest. It will also help you spread your content out during the day, rather than bulk pinning which is a little bit of a no-no for Pinterest.

  7. Make sure your website is Pinterest ready– Installing the save button will increase the chances of your content being saved by others by 5x as it makes it easier and faster for people to share. Let people know you are on Pinterest by adding the Pinterest social button and get Rich Pins. Rich pins helps your content rank higher and get seen by more people.

I hope these tips have been useful, and remember, if you are new to Pinterest marketing and need help or even if you have been using it for a while, pinning consistently but want to know how you can make your time on this platform more efficient with more advanced strategies than please get in touch!

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