The last few weeks have been incredible for Pinterest. If you know Style Up Social Academy you will know that we love Pinterest as a way to market not only our business but our Fashion clients.

Pinterest is currently having incredible results.  Since Covid-19 hit it has seen a surge in people turning to the platform and the number of users are at an all time high.  Not only that but UK retailers are having huge success with shopping pins, growing their emails and Instagram followings. 

And that is why we love Pinterest so much.  It doesn’t just drive FREE traffic to your website. It does so much more. 

However, before you can dive into those strategies you need to get the basics right.

And if I can teach you anything when it comes to Pinterest Marketing, it is to nail your Pinterest descriptions.  Often referred to as the holy grail of Pinterest. 

There are of course other elements to this, but your pin description are going to help you be found in search and appear in people’s home feeds, even if they aren’t following you.  

Remember, Pinterest does not consider themselves a Social Media platform. They think of themselves as a discovery engine. So you need to optimise your pin descriptions to strengthen your chances of being discovered.  

The power of search on Pinterest is absolutely magnificent, and a carefully crafted pin description is the key to harnessing this power.

This means that before you do anything really, you should be finding out what your keywords are for your business, products and services. 

Some of the top Pinner’s will write their pin descriptions before they write a blog post so that they can include and maximise those keywords in full effect. 

But if you are new to Pinterest and already have lots of content to Pin doing your keyword research now will help you get those pin descriptions performing for you. 

You can do this by writing a list of words/phrases you think your target audience will be searching for, but a key tool to do this is to use the Pinterest search tool bar.

Guided search is by far my favourite part of Pinterest, and I think you’ll love it too. In fact, you’re most likely already using it.

Guided search is made up of the tiles that appear after you type in a search term. So first things first, type in to the Pinterest search bar. 

The tiles at the top are all part of guided search, and they represent keywords that people are using to search along with the word that you just typed into search.

And the best part? They’re in order from left to right of most to least searched.

Keep going till you have a long list of words for your content… and now you can get going with your Pin Descriptions! 

So now those  keywords will help your pins show up when people are searching for content like yours on Pinterest – or in the feeds of people following certain topics – but you don’t just want your pins to be seen.

You want to get them CLICKED on so you can drive traffic to your site or store.

And that’s where a well-crafted pin description can help.

You want to find a way to incorporate as many Pinterest search words as you can while also sounding conversational, AND you want to encourage people to actually click through to read your post.

This is what Pinterest has to say about Pin descriptions:

Write compelling, targeted descriptions: Optimizing your Pin descriptions can have a dramatic effect on Pinterest search impressions. Try to anticipate what Pinners might be looking for and include these terms in your Pin descriptions. Make sure the description also includes any other important details about the Pin. Surfacing your Pins in search results is only half the battle: your description has to encourage Pinners to engage with your Pin and eventually visit your site. Keep in mind that Pins with generic, keyword-stuffed descriptions are off-putting to people and may be demoted in search.

And that doesn’t need to be as challenging as it may sound. Follow this 5 step checklist every time you write your pin descriptions to help drive that website traffic.


Share enough, but not too much.  As you’re writing your pin descriptions, don’t give away all your secrets. Make sure you give Pinners a reason to click through. Give them the highlights of what your Pin includes and tell them by clicking through they will discover x,y and z about your product or service


Work in Your Keywords in a Way that Sounds Natural.  Pinterest wants real descriptions that sound like they were written by an actual human. Think about those engaging Instagram captions you write.  It is very similar in how you want to sound conversational, but you just need to ensure you include keywords. 

Don’t just list keywords or separate them, like Style Tips | Fashion Blog | Fashion for women. 

Write like you talking a friend about your product or service, so it’s natural and conversational. 


Include Enticing Language or a Call to ActionIn addition to not sharing too much in your pin description, you also want to include a little teaser to further encourage people to click through to the post. Again, we are familiar with this by writing CTA (call to actions) through out your your other Social Media Marketing and there is no difference here. 

It’s just important to include a call to action to further encourage a click to your site. 

Pinterest says this about Calls to Action:

A call to action can be just what a Pinner needs to make a decision and act on the idea. Include stronger calls to action, like “buy now,” in your Pin’s description and softer ones, like “explore summer looks,” in image overlays.

Calls to Action examples: Try, Make, Explore, Buy, Find, See, Watch.


Make them helpful.  Remember, users on Pinterest are there to do, to try, and to buy. Use your pin description to help them do what they’re trying to do.  Let them know what your Pin is about and how it will help them, motivate them, inspire them, help them discover something! 

And just one one thing Pinterest themselves have to say about crafting compelling Pinterest descriptions: 

Every Pin should have a description that gives context. The best descriptions are positive, helping people imagine what they might do with the Pin while also providing extra information. Write thoughtful, timeless copy. Pins last forever, so avoid descriptions that focus on timely promotional information.

So there you have 4 steps to writing compelling Pin descriptions that will drive website traffic. 

If you want to take your whole Pinterest strategy to the next level make sure you download our free Pinterest guide for Fashion Businesses! Check it out here. 

Make sure you let us know how you get on and leave any questions in the comments below. 

Love Verity and Kate x