Are you creating content that sells for your Fashion Business? 

Do you feel a bit icky when it comes to hyping up a product, offer or service? Are you struggling to know what kind of content you should be creating to convert those viewers into an engaged, loyal and buying fan base?

Well, it is time to put those feelings behind you for 2020 and learn what content to create to help drive your fashion business forward! At the end of the day, if you know your audience and you know you have a genuine product or service that will serve them, then there is absolutely no reason as to why you shouldn’t be using content to help sell it.

However, as a consumer we do need more than just seeing those salesy/buy from me posts. It is a balancing act to add value, engage and build an audience but like I said, we are in business and we need to sell it.

Most people need AT LEAST 8 touch points before they buy from you. Research recently has suggested it’s actually more. Some people may disagree with me here and say that those touch points do not include social media marketing, and that those touch points need to be more interactive and high level via emails, calls and direct conversations. And while I agree, all content marketing plans also needs to include these high touch points, for me, Social Media Content Marketing is absolutely a fundamental place to build from.

Social Media is Social and when done at it’s very best it creates connections and that’s what you need for people to like you, trust you and buy from you. That will never die.

Over the last few years I have worked on many fashion brands and personal stylists content plans, developing a content mix and a 9 grid formula that ensures they are delivering a range of content that not only establishes a strong visual presence, but is also providing value and delivers their brand story. This is done in a way that people can relate to, trusts them, and ultimately wants to do business with them and buy from them.

There are 4 types of content you should be creating and mixing into every set of nine squares on your Instagram feed.


People will find you at different stages of your Instagram journey so you need that content to build that like and trust. Content here should focus on educating your audience about who you are, what you do and why you are the expert. Share tips that help your ideal clients with their problems and how your product and service solves their frustrations and pain-points.

I often get asked, how much free styling advice and tips to give away? I know that as a Fashion business you can get worried that you shouldn’t give away your specialised knowledge in fear people will never pay for your expertise in the long run. For me, you should not be afraid to do this. People always need additional context for their unique circumstances, which is where the opportunity lies for you.

Creating awareness content establishes who you are, your styling and product expertise and when your audience need your services or product you will be the first person they think of.


Your connection content is the content that helps them to relate to your product or service. It helps to showcase your brand personality, values and mission.

There are a few ways you can craft connection content. Showcasing your brand’s culture and telling a story can be really powerful. But another way to build a connection and get your audience to relate with you is by putting your audience’s objections out there….

Why would people NOT want to buy from you? What might the reasons be they are holding back from investing in your brand or service? Content here should put those objections out there, and is open to what their reasons might be, brings them to the forefront and answers them.


Of course we need the selling content! We are a business and how will your audience know what you do, what you have to offer if you don’t tell them? Here is where you should dedicate posts for announcements and content that is selling or making an offer.


I often see this as the type of content that gets missed or I see brands and stylists sharing reviews and testimonials that don’t tell us what the tangible outcome was. We don’t need to hear that someone enjoyed your personal styling session or that your dress looked nice. Okay, so I have played those examples down but the point here is that when sharing results based content we need to see and hear about how YOU are delivering tangible outcomes. How did they feel wearing your pieces and what impact did that have? How did your styling service improve their lives?

Share happy stories from your customers and create an environment where your other clients can do the same.

TOP TIP– share results based content with the actual screen shot of the message from your customer and share that genuine moment with your wider audience!

If you can start to mix up your content between these 4 types, it will start to add a powerful mix that sells your fashion business! Don’t forget to be conversational, be social and add call to actions. Establish content themes, connect and those conversions will start to happen.

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