I want to talk to you about Pinterest.  It’s time to get serious.  

I know for a lot of you, you have been tinkering with Pinterest for a while.  The pinning probably started because you wanted some home, wedding, recipe or style inspiration.  But now as a fashion business owner, you have been trying to pin a few things here and there but haven’t quite come to understand how you can make this a thriving platform to generate more traffic and sales. 

And let’s face it, with all your other Social Media and Marketing goals you simply don’t have the time to understand it, let alone make it work. 

Add on the fact that Pinterest announced the other week that they are changing the rules, just when you thought you were starting to get to grips with things, it’s probably all a little too much! 

To be honest, this news from Pinterest is all the Pinterest world have been talking about.  

So what have they said?

Pinterest are saying that you need to be creating and saving more FRESH pins! 

But I don’t want this to scare you, in fact I am here to empower you!

2020 needs to be the year you rethink how you manage your time with Social Media Marketing and more importantly what platforms deserve your attention.  

2020 is the year you need to stop chasing the vanity metrics on the biggest platforms for the sake of it.  Understanding where your audience is hanging out is important and giving them value. If you are a fashion business Pinterest should be a priority. 

Before I delve into my pinning schedule there are a few things I need to point out:

  • Pinterest loves FRESH content.  
  • This means you do need content.  If you are Personal Stylist, service based fashion business you will need a blog, Podcast or video to ensure you have enough content.  If you are a fashion brand, product based business, then it would be incredible to have those content formats too, but you will also have your product based content to pin.  
  • You should be pinning between 15-25 pins per day to ensure you are impacting the platform and driving those results. But don’t let those numbers scare you.  Once you have your rhythm (and content) the below schedule will help you map this out. 
  • Pinterest is a long game.  You don’t get overnight fixes, but invest now so you reap the benefits in a few months time.  

I thought that today I would share a little insight into the pinning strategy I implement for Style Up Social’s Pinterest clients to give you an idea of how you can start to kick off Pinterest with just a few hours a week.  Because like I said I am here to empower you and I want to let you know what you should be doing! 

Before I go any further, I wouldn’t be able to manage Pinterest without a scheduler.  I use Tailwind.  Just like for all my Social Media Marketing using a scheduler is the answer for keeping sane and also ensuring you save a ton of time in the long run. For Pinterest nothing beats Tailwind. 

Tailwind has a lot of functionality. It’s new smart guide let’s you know if you go off track with what you are pinning and when. 

Once I have my ‘fresh content’ I then pin it manually to Pinterest itself to the most relevant board. 

I then go to Tailwind to schedule it across my boards.  This is how this works: 

  1. Take that one image, ideally this needs to be the most pinnable image you can create that is Pinterest size, with some text or you business logo on.
  2. This image will be linked back to your website product page or service page.
  3. Now Pin this content to as many boards as it’s relevant for.  You want to aim for at least 5 boards that one piece of content can be pinned to.  Remember, always pin to the relevant board first so Pinterest can distribute to the right place and people. 
  4. Using Tailwinds interval scheduler space out the pins across your boards with a 3-5 day interval. 

Top Tip for maximising your FRESH Pinterest Strategy…

  • Create multiple pinnable images for one URL as each one is classed a fresh pin and can be pinned 5+ boards! 
  • Create templates for your images so you can quickly and easily batch create a set of fresh images. Canva is great for this! 

Like I say with all my content marketing training; planning, creating and scheduling content is a complete mindshift change especially if you are the type to post on the go.  But if you are a Fashion CEO then you need to invest in this mentality because it’s what will help build and grow your business. Getting on top of your overall Social Media content and ensuring you are maximising key platforms is fundamental for an all round kick ass strategy.  

If you want to learn more of my exact strategies and the other elements of building and growing a traffic driving Pinterest account, then check out my new Pinterest Masterclass! 

Don’t forget to drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts or if you have any content marketing questions leave them below. 

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Love Verity x ⚡️