Unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world and the way we all thought 2020 was going to play out.  

It has caused destruction in lives, family, work and businesses and we are all left in a state of uncertainty not knowing what is going to happen tomorrow let alone when we can see an end to this.  It’s difficult to understand what to say to each other let alone as a brand trying to navigate and communicate on Social Media.  

Style up Social Academy started because I wanted to help fashion businesses thrive in a fast paced digital world.  Never did I think I would be creating content and new services to help people survive during a world crisis.  But if anything, if has made me more passionate to empower fashion businesses during such uncertainty.  

Last week I went live inside my Facebook group and shared some key learnings about how Fashion Businesses can talk to their audience during an economy downturn and as I know so many people are hiding away and struggling at the moment, I thought I would share the content. 

As I wanted to explain some of the key points carefully, I have created a 16 page document that breaks down how Fashion Businesses can communicate on Social Media during a crisis in 3 steps.  This guide covers:

  • How to stay agile and reactive with your content
  • The importance of humanising your brand, what that means and how you can do it 
  • Crafting key relevant messaging 
  • Plus, some creative approaches when it comes to content 

You will find the full guide here…

How to communicate in a crisis

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Love Verity x ⚡️