How can I drive traffic to my blog?

It’s a question we get asked a lot. Blogs are powerful. They are full of quality information about you,  your services and your business or brand. They are a chance to really position yourself as the fashion expert that you are and showcase what your brand really stands for.

There are the standard routes that we always recommend of course to get traffic to your blog. Organic social media does a good job, especially using Pinterest as a powerful tool.

But have you thought about using Ads? To really get those extra eyes on your blog? The one that you know people HAVE to read? That blog that is going to bring you more business in the long run?

Paid social is a great tool for directing traffic. Ads don’t have to be expensive and they can be run over short time scales if you like. A lot of clients tend to think that Ads are geared up for e-commerce or course creators, but there are a whole load of campaign objectives you can choose within ads manager to help achieve your goals. Traffic (the name is a giveaway we know) is a brilliant campaign objective to drive traffic to your website and of course, get eyes on your blog. 

With a paid social campaign you can target lots of different type of audiences, test out your creative skills to see what you audiences really respond to and of course, you can place your ads across multiple placements on Instagram and Facebook.

Here’s 5 steps to running traffic to your blog with paid social…

  • Make sure you website is good to go. Does it have the pixel installed? You won’t be able to track visitors if not. When potential clients hit the landing page can they see the blog straight away? Are you inspiring them with what they see?
  • Think about your creative. You can test lots of different types of creative to see that works. Think about what stops the scroll. A still image, a video, carousel or animated text. You won’t know until you try
  • Copy. Short or long? What’s your tone of voice going to be? Make sure your call to action is super clear on your ad. The most important thing is to let your audience know what’s in it for them.
  • Placement. Where are you going to place your Ad? You may think that your ideal audience is hanging out over on Insta only but we always recommend trying all placements first. Especially if you are targeting a new audience.
  • And finally, track your results. You may have heard it before but a successful campaign is all about testing and refining. Check-in and analyse those results. Ads manager may well become your new best friend! We love it here at Style Up.

If you’re unsure about where to start with your Ads campaign then get in touch, we can help you out from power hours to nurture packages to management.

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Verity and Kate x