Something we have been talking about here at Style up Social Academy over the last few weeks is that Instagram and Facebook ads are having a bit of a ‘moment’.  We of course have always championed a paid social strategy to help grow you fashion business that sits perfectly next to your organic strategy, but we have seen some big changes over the last few weeks, and this maybe the time you want to get involved.  

Despite all of the current uncertainty driven from Covid-19, in retail and some e-commerce right now, it’s a great time to be advertising on Facebook and Instagram.  Lots of brands pulled their overall marketing budgets including their ads budgets.  However, digital use is an all-time high.

This means the competition is lower with a lot more eyes on YOUR ads.  This also means your money is going a lot further!

Social Media has always been a profitable place to advertise. It allows you to target and retarget consumers in a sophisticated way to drive relevant traffic to your site.

Over the last decade we have all changed the way in which we shop.  Social Media channels are becoming stronger e-commerce platforms with shopping growing week on week and Facebook and Instagram ads are pivotal to that.

So, if you’re thinking about getting ads up and running for your fashion brand or business then now is actually a good time to think about your strategy.  However there is a bit of pre-work you need to do first. We are sharing the 4 things you need to do to get started with your Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Before we dive in though we can’t talk about this subject without mentioning Facebook Ads Manager! 

Facebook and Instagram ads, both in feeds, stories and all other placements are run through Facebook Ads Manager.  Running an ad is totally different from boosting a post you have created organically.

Business Manager can feel really overwhelming and quite complicated for some, which is why the majority of brands employ an ads strategist. There is a lot of testing and planning and analysing involved. But, as we are here to empower you in this digital world we are sharing some nice simple steps you can do to get you ready for running those ads. 


  1. First up is to instal the Facebook pixel on your website. A bit of code on your website that literally tracks everything that your website visitors do!  This is then linked to Facebook which enables audiences to be built and detailed targeting to be set up. The pixel can be installed via Facebook Business Manager. The sooner you do this the better as the tracking will be happening in the background. 
  2. For e-commerce businesses, the next thing is to really take stock and analyse your stats. What is your conversion rate?  What is your Abandon cart rate?  These things really need to be in a good place before starting any ad campaign.  The best Ad in the world can get your potential customers onto your website but the website has to be converting organically first.  A good conversion rate is around 2.5% and the average abandon cart rate is around 60%. It’s also worth getting some real tangible feedback on your website.  Is it optimised for mobile, is it is fast enough? How many clicks does it take to shop from your website?
  3. Next, ensure your organic social is performing well. Facebook will prioritise the accounts that have good organic reach in the first place. They are your shop window remember, and your new visitors need to have the best first impression.  
  4. Lastly, think about what it really is you want to achieve with your ads. There are lots of different campaign objectives to choose from and making sure you know exactly what it is you want to achieve from the get-go is half the battle. Do you want to build traffic to your website? Do you want to work on engagement or brand awareness or do you want the pinnacle of the lot, conversions!

Lots to think about but, we know, but Facebook and Instagram Ads should definitely feature in your strategy now more than ever to get visible and raise your profile. People often ask us how to reach and target their dream audience on Social Media and of course we can advise activities that can help you do this organically but to really get seen by the right people at the right time is through a Paid Social Media campaign. 

Want to know more or have any questions, then let us know, we’d love to help. 

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Love Verity and Kate x ⚡️