Organic social media is an essential tool for any fashion business. A strategic approach to your social media across your chosen platforms will grow your fashion business from the get-go. We use social media more than we have ever used it before. Instagram is our shop window, Facebook too. Pinterest is a  powerful search engine.

So organic growth on social media is totally possible. Bring influencers and ambassadors into the mix and you can achieve amazing results but there comes a time when fashion brands really need to consider paid social.

The need to leverage paid social is becoming a bigger priority than ever. It gives you a greater chance to showcase products, new collections and drive those meaningful conversions. 

Here are six reasons why  Paid Social should definitely feature in your Social Media strategy; 

You can get super targetted 

You can get in front of a whole new range of audiences with paid social and target potential customers and existing customers strategically.  Audience creation within Facebook Ads manager is rather clever! When your post organically you are up against the algorithm.

Your content can sometimes get lost in a busy newsfeed. With paid social you can enhance your targeting by creating specific interest-based audiences, you can target the people who have shown interest in your brand by visiting your website (as long as you have the pixel) or even let Facebook do the hard work and find lookalike audiences for you. 

You can set clear objectives 

You can be specific about what you want to achieve with your Ads over specific timeframes. Facebook has 11 campaign objectives to choose from.

This gives you the chance to really nail your objective. What is it you want your ads to do? Drive traffic to your website, drive brand awareness, get those conversions? Choose your objective wisely and let Facebook do the hard work!

Gather insights

With paid social, you get to analyse what’s working and what’s not. And we mean ‘really’ analyse! The reporting within Ads manager is super sophisticated. While tinkering with a campaign is definitely not the done thing.

Taking stock of your numbers and taking action based on results is the way to really elevate your fashion campaigns. What type of ads performed best? Where does your audience interact with your ads and what creative and copy sell? But crucial to all campaigns, what is your return on investment?

They can fit your budget 

Facebook and Instagram ads don’t have to break the bank. For a relatively small budget, you can achieve results.  The minimum spend is normally around £10 per audience per day – in comparison with a lot of other advertising methods the ROI can be very profitable. 

Raise brand awareness

Paid social is the best way to get your brand out there. We follow all of our favourite brands on Instagram and Facebook. But we also discover new brands.

The traditional form of advertising in glossy fashion mags still has a place but also has a price tag to match. Think about how many amazing brands you have discovered on your social feed on your mobile. They were more than likely from an ad!

Facebook is an advertising platform 

 And lastly, let’s be honest.  Facebook and Instagram are businesses. Facebook Ads revenue makes up the majority of its income, In 2019 is accounted for 98%. We aren’t suggesting investing in ads to increase the bottom line of Facebook, but thinking strategically about the amount of bigger brands paying for space on Instagram and Facebook gives things a bit of clarity. To get in front of a wider audience and compete there sometimes needs to be a bit of ads budget behind your content.

Want to know more about using paid social for your fashion brand? Get in touch. We would love to help you get in front of your dream audiences.

Paid Social is part of our framework – make it part of yours!

Verity and Kate x