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Hey Fashion Academy!

As you know, in this programme, together, we are going to be guiding you through everything you need to know about nailing your social media marketing for your fashion business. 

We’re going to really dig down and get to grips with it all – not just how it all works, but why it works that way. We know first hand that it’s always much easier to implement changes and advice when you know why it matters (or doesn’t) to you, your business and your audience. 

This learning platform is a place we can share additonal training videos each week to help you learn extra tips and strategies across the next few weeks.  


These videos and resources in here, are all bitesized and structured so you can digest the information as much as possible.  We have included actions in the videos so as always you can go away and implement the key opportunities right away.

Our email and DM’s are always open so if you have any questions during any of this training please let us know. 

Again, we just wanted to say Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your online adventure! We really can’t wait to teach and learn together.  We know this going to be a powerful learning experience and we can’t wait for you all to walk away in the nexr few weeks finally feeling like those badass social media queens! Let’s go….

Love Verity and Kate x