Learn how to plan and strategise your Fashion Social Media Content to engage and convert your dream audience.

  • Do you struggle to make time to plan your content and want clarity on content planning so you up level your marketing efforts? 
  • Have you been feeling overwhelmed with how to maximise your Social Media marketing and want to be more structured with content? 
  • Are you unsure of what content you should be producing for your fashion business to achieve your business objectives? 
  • Sick of posting on the go and want to be become more organised with well thought, sales converting content? 

Answered yes? Well this bootcamp is for you! 

Here at Style up Social Academy, we know a lot of fashion businesses who feel this way.  We are on a mission to help you get more strategic and intentional with your Social Media content so you can save time, engage audiences and drive growth.

For anyone who is struggling with the crazy world of social Media and is finding it difficult to communicate with your audience I would highly recommend doing this bootcamp with Style up Social Academy.  They are so insightful and it gives you the guidance without giving you the answers (it’s not an overnight fix you do have to work hard at it) but follow their amazing tips and you really will start to feel like a weight has been lifted and that you are excited to show off your brand through your social platforms


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Meet your hosts, Verity and Kate, the women behind Style Up Social Academy. 

We have been planning content for over a decade for fashion businesses.  We run a boutique social media agency managing many social media platforms as while as continuing to drive our own.  Believe us when we say we know the importance of having a content plan and being super organised of devising engaging and commercial content.  And we the pro’s of knowing how to do it. 

We work with many fashion businesses and one of their biggest frustrations is not having the time to plan strategic content.  Which we completely understand.

Running a fashion business has so many other important aspects that the constant need to drive content online is a struggle.  But, having a content plan is fundamental.  Without one, you don’t connect content to business objectives and it’s not surprising that you soon become frustrated and confused as to why you don’t seem to be building successful platforms.

Planning and scheduling content is an essential part to ensuring you are pushing out your best content that resonates and connects with your target audience. We are here to show you how. 

Style up Social Academy are the best when it comes to breaking down how to plan content and gaining an understanding of socials more. The content planning bootcamp is easy to follow and fun learning because of how it’s delivered- they are so authentic and passionate about this field that you know you are being guided through the process as they want you to become better at knowing how to use social media more.


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  • Your Content Marketing Strategy that will inform all your future content planning that aligns to your business goals, so you know that everything you put out there is driving purposeful results.
  • Your Identified content pillars that align to your business goals and brand values to ensure you are creating content that has purpose to driving results for key objectives.
  • A step by step process of planning content so you never feel overwhelmed with this key part of growing your fashion business online.
  • The types of content you should be creating for your fashion business and how you can easily map this out across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest without it taking up a ton of time. 
  • The first quarter of your content mapped out and a detailed month’s content plan so you are organised with the content that will drive your business results.
  • Our Instagram nine grid formula for fashion businesses for maximum ease of content planning. 
  • Knowledge of how to repurpose and give all your content longevity so you can maximise every bit of content across all your channels and platforms. 

Amazing course for any fashion business to learn how to finally nail their content planning.  This bootcamp was fantastic to finally learn about content pillars and creating a content plan that delivers.  Would highly recommend!


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The fashion business content bootcamp will be opening it’s doors again in 2021. Sign up to the waiting list to be the first to know! 

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