Carousels posts on Instagram are having a moment and now is the time to maximise how you use them to drive more engagement.

Fashion bloggers and influencers were one of the firsts to use carousel posts.  To showcase different looks, shots, angles and outtakes of their outfit and they were really on to something.

Carousel posts are such a versatile tool to use and they have the power to boost engagement levels, increase brand loyalty, and drive sales.  

Not only do they allow you to highlight more details in your posts but they also show up in your audiences feed more than once (if they don’t scroll through the whole set of images) giving you double the chance to get in front of your audience. 

A recent report analysed over 25,000 Instagram accounts (and 1 million Instagram posts) and found that carousels outperform single-image posts on Instagram by 52%.  Who wouldn’t want that kind of engagement? 

If you are unsure how you can create kickass Instagram carousel posts we have rounded up 7 creative ways fashion businesses can use carousel posts to drive more engagement. 


Maximise blog posts by creating mini versions of your blog posts.  It’s great way to repurpose content but it also gives more intrigue and interest to your readers on Instagram and gives them a strong CTA to read the full post on your website.  If you don’t yet have a blog, carousels are a great way to create micro blog posts on the grid with a mixture of images and text posts.


When one single image is just not enough to showcase new products and collections.  Build up a selection of images and videos highlighting product variations, different colours and styles. 

Carousel posts are a great way to share more pictures, close-ups, and variations with your audience.  Give your audience a closer and deeper look into your products.  


As we mentioned at the start of this blog, style influencers regularly use carousel posts in this way to hone in on a specific detail, giving their followers a closer look at what they’re wearing and how they are styling the look. It is similiar to the ways you may showcase a new product but this way you can really create shots of your outfits and products by zooming in on the little details you really want to focus on.


Creating weekly features and themes on Instagram is a great way to drive brand awareness and recognition.  Instead of sharing your customers and UGC sporadically, use a carousel feature each week to highlight them.  Not only is this more engaging but it will encourage more to keep sharing images of themselves wearing your products for a chance to be featured.


Sharing positive reviews with your followers is a great way to increase your visibility, generate interest in your products or services, and build brand trust on Instagram. So if you’re getting good ones, it makes a lot of sense to share them through Instagram carousel posts.


If you have a particular interest, passion for a topic or trend that is relatable to your brand and audience a carousel post is a great way to share stats, data and screenshots from articles you have been reading.  This is a great way to start a discussion and bring your audience into the conversation.


A great way for stylists to show work you have done with your clients.  There’s something so satisfying about a swipeable reveal, and Instagram carousel posts are one of the best ways to deliver a good before and after post.  

Carousel posts can be an awesome way to add some creative flair to your Instagram account, so get creating and just wait for that engagement to rise! 

Verity and Kate x