There is no denying that for particular industries, Instagram has become the go-to platform to market service based businesses.   For the fashion industry, Instagram lends itself nicely to the visual aspects and the many features it offers to support small businesses.  However, with millions flocking to this powerful platform, it can seem like you are a small fish in a big sea of other stylists trying to stand out, let alone make sales.

Instagram soon becomes a place of frustration rather than the place that could be having impact on your styling business.  And more often than not, we see some very common mistakes that stylists make. 

So let’s explore these 5 key mistakes Personal Stylists are currently making on Instagram that is prohibiting them from growth, attracting and converting their dream clients.


The problem we face, in any industry is we see someone else do well with a post, an account, a business and we want a piece of that action.  We struggle to understand why we don’t have the same success and so we fall into trying to replicate the same recipe of Instagram success as them.  This is the first mistake stylists make.

We see many stylists accounts that on first glance is hard to distinguish whether it’s just an account of daily outfits or if they are in fact selling styling services.

Instagram is your portfolio.  It should be more than you showcasing your daily outfits and activities (don’t get us wrong, there is a place for this… at times) but it should be you highlighting your work, past client projects, mood-boards and attracting your clients with visuals that they relate to.

The more specific you can be with your style/aesthetic, the more likely you are to attract your ideal clients. 

If they want to wear colour, to be bold and bright in the way they dress, give them colour through your feed.  If they travel a lot give them travel aspirations through your feed.  If their life is centred around family give them the family life feels. 

And this leads us nicely to the 2nd mistake.  But what we are trying to say here is, use Instagram as the place to create the lifestyle and culture your dream client wants or has. 


At the core of every successful Instagram account, is a business that understands their customer inside and out.  They know the desires, their fears, their hopes and dreams and what motivates them.  They use this vital information to create a consistent message that speaks directly to that dream client.

That is the first mistake here.  Not really knowing your audience.  The second is not knowing exactly what your message is and what your message and purpose is for marketing on Instagram.

What we encourage you to do is write out what your transformation message is.

This means writing down exactly what happens when someone works with you.  How do you take them through their pain points and transform them? What do you do? How do people feel while working with you and what are the ultimate outcomes for paying for your styling services?

Get super clear on this and use this as your base for your messaging.  



On the other side of not selling a consistent message is not selling at all.

Talking about daily outfits and throwing in on occasion that you offer wardrobe detox’s wont cut it.  Sorry! When it comes to selling on Instagram you can not rely on that post you put out that day to bring in the clients!

Selling on Instagram goes beyond what your service entails.  It is about showing up and selling how your services make people feel after they have worked with you.

We buy services because we have a need.  We don’t see often enough Personal stylists selling their expertise and how that expertise solves a problem for their dream client.

It’s time to show up and really sell!


Not telling people what to do on each post is a huge opportunity.  We are passive viewers on Social Media unless told otherwise.  Make it easy for them to take action.  The more you ask them to do something the more they will start to.  What is the next step you want them to take – learn more, read the blog, book a call, comment, share…  Every post should make a point to bring your dream client to your business.  Give direction and lead your audience through quick actionable steps to interact and engage with you.


You want your Instagram account to become the go-to place for your dream client to gain valuable advice that they relate to and that helps them.  
Stand out from the crowd further by creating invaluable styling tips specifically for your dream client. This is your opportunity to shine through, show your credibility and instill trust.  

Don’t just create generic styling tips.  Create tips that your audience needs.

A great example of who does this perfectly is Anna Cascarina.  She has nailed her niche and knows exactly who she is talking to.  She shares styling tips and advice directly to and for them.

Make sure you go check out her Instagram to see how she shares exclusive styling tips for her audience. 

We know that Instagram is the hardest platform for Personal Stylists to find leads for their services.  We hear it so much as the biggest challenge for your Social Media Marketing efforts. Despite how much time you put into Instagram it doesn’t get you the sales in return.

If you have related to any of these points today, spend some time understanding how you can turn that around to ensure you aren’t missing any opportuntities.

But if you are investing so much time into Instagram, and you know it has so much potential for your styling business, maybe it’s time to take it to the next level and learn exactly how you can generate leads.

Find out about our Instagram Lead Generator Academy designed specifically for Stylists!

Verity and Kate x